Tuesday, March 1, 2016

a raffle!

Last week my girlfriend introduced me to another adoptive mama on instagram and this mama raised almost $1,000 via a cute little raffle. So, over the past week I put together some of my favorite things and you can buy a $5 raffle ticket and win it all!

Here's what you'll win:
> canvas BEST DAY EVER tote bag
> pineapple and polkadots zippered pouch (obviously the inside fabric is ALSO polkadots)
> YAY embroidery
> GOOD MORNING mug (it's giant. i'm going back to get another for me.)
> $10 starbucks giftcard (GOOD MORNING, YAY, BEST DAY EVER INDEED)
> Chocolate (milk chocolate with caramel apples. i had to get it. how could i not?)


Here's how to win:
Each "ticket" is $5. You can donate via our youcaring website. Just give $5 and I'll put you in the drawing! Probably once or twice I'll sit down (with a bottle of wine) and write out all the names and put them in a bucket and on March 18th I'll draw a winner! That sounds probably a little tedious and ridiculous but I've been thinking about this process so much over the past few days as I prepared for this, and I'm so just excited to take a night or two and sit down and really pray over this entire process and for each person who has prayed and donated and helped us on this journey. So, it's fine. One of my spiritual gifts is administration, so don't even worry about me. I'll find some cute stationary and be so in my element.

You can also buy more than one ticket if you'd like to increase your chance of winning! So, one ticket is $5, two are $10, three are $15, etc. etc. All of the money from the donations goes straight into our account for adoption and let me just say, we're LESS THAN three thousand dollars away from our ten thousand dollar goal! That's crazy and awesome and wonderful!

And just because this YAY hoop is maybe my new favorite (making myself one ASAP as possible) (ha! office fans, where you at?!), here's another picture of its preciousness!