About Us

Our story is ever changing, but our one constant is L O V E. We love Jesus and we love each other. We strive to put Him first and each other second and to constantly remember our place as not number one. We're high school sweethearts, madly in love and desperate to change the world's view on what marriage should look like. Our six+ years of marriage has taught us to be patient in the Lord's timing and to wait securely in Him. Our plans for our family have changed drastically as we realize that our plans are not His plans and yet His are greater. We have one precious son with whom we fall more in love with every moment of the day. Once upon a time I wavered on whether or not I wanted my own biological children, but Jesus knew my heart and gave me Maddox. He is a joy and a delight and if you ask him this week, he's eager for a sister (who he has lovingly named "Racktoon," aka Racoon.) We make sure that our story is full of the things that we love: taking pictures, adventures, the mountains, coffee dates, cooking, remodeling our house into a home, our brand new wood wall, reclaimed wood, God's gift of Amazon Prime, our fireplace, good books, a clean home, antique stores, turning our kitchen into a dance floor, indoor football with our little love, children's books, craft beer, micro-breweries, DIY-everything, sharing a closet for the first time in 6-years of marriage, bible studies, college students, our church, mission trips, telling our stories, sleeping in, hide and go seek, date nights, sushi, Pinterest, tattoos, engagements, weddings, babies, our friends and so, so, SO much more.

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