prayer requests

I'll be updating this frequently with new requests as well as praises, because we believe in giving thanks and praise, too.

//Please pray for Evan and I as we head to Guatemala. Maddox will be here with the grandparents so please pray for his safety while he's here and our hearts while we're there. We're leading a team of college students and looking forward to this trip so very much but it's always a challenge to leave our babe, especially when wifi/a phone connection isn't readily available. >>> guatemala was SO GOOD SLASH also the hardest trip i've ever been on and i've been on like 10. i got a parasite that i physically fought with/yelled at for the rest of the summer. maddox was sick. our plane was delayed. we had three hours of sleep and had to drive home from denver because we missed our flight. IT WAS INSANE. God showed up in every single area, even our 8-hour drive from hell that actually was my favorite part of the entire trip.

//Please pray for our funds! We need $8,000 in the next fourteen days! God is going to show up in a big way and we trust him but we also need money! >>> ya'll, we raised (God raised, you raised, evan and i did nothing) $8,000 in seven days. SEVEN DAYS.

//Please pray for our daughter! OUR DAUGHTER! Pray for her caregivers and the nurses at her orphanage. She's already making so many improvements but has a long way to go.

//Please pray that we'll receive MOWA and PAIR approval quickly and without hiccups!

//Please pray for these four bold requests we're marking concerning our travel! 

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